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Audit Management Software Overview

K10 Vision represents the combination of two decades of development experience in the niche field of Audit Management Software with the inevitable evolution of core technologies available to support new software in 2022.

The development, management and support teams that brought previous products to the market over the last two decades have joined forces to bring K10 Vision to the world.  With a number of products in the industry meeting their sunset years the team here at K10 identified both the opportunity and need to develop and launch a completely new generation of software for audit teams.

In many ways K10 Vision represents unfinished business for our team and we look forward with great anticipation to engaging with friends old and new right across the world.

Core Functionality

K10 Vision is our best-in-class Audit Management System designed to provide the following core capabilities:

All these capabilities, available in multiple languages, are built using the very latest core technologies which enables on-premise, hosted or SAAS options to meet the needs of all audit teams’ IT environments.


System Design

K10 Vision has been built to use best-in-class technology to maximise its capabilities and future-proof the technology.  Examples of this include:

  • Full two-way API capability
  • Real time synchronisation
  • Fully encrypted working environment
  • Secure Microsoft Azure hosting options
  • Best-in-class data security protocols
  • SMART offline working
  • Developed within the .Net 6 framework

Dashboards, notifications and alerts

K10 Vision provides comprehensive dashboards, notifications and alerts.  This includes the ability for the audit teams to easily configure their own notifications and alerts in such a way as to ensure they are able to track and monitor the precise information needed for them to succeed.

Risk based annual planning

For the vast majority of audit teams risk based annual planning is a critical part of their annual cycle.  K10 Vision provides direct support for this process not just by directly helping to balance audits and resources but also via the risk assessment methodologies themselves.

K10 Vision has been designed to allow audit teams to configure literally ANY risk assessment methodology ensuring the adoption of our software acts as a true enabler to this process and adds direct value to the annual planning cycle.

Comprehensive audit team scheduling

K10 Vision provides for all an audit team’s scheduling needs to ensure operational efficiency no matter how straightforward or complex their operating environment.

This includes full support for single teams, multiple teams, cross border teams, those working in different time zones etc.

Fully configurable audit files

When adopting new audit management software the “look and feel” is always important and K10 Vision is the first application of its type in this field to provide audit teams with the ability to literally define exactly the look, feel and most importantly content of their audit files.

This removes the restrictions of legacy applications that prescribe so much of an audit file’s contents thus enabling both ease of use and ease of adoption.

Audit working papers with “smart” methodologies

At the heart of any audit management system lies the working papers themselves.  K10 Vision has a myriad of “smart” methodologies available.

Whatever documentation protocols and review methodologies an audit team wishes to adopt, they are all fully catered for in K10.

In addition, when working on-line an auditor’s work is saved and backed up real-time.  However, as can be the case, if an auditor needs to work off-line at any time then K10 Vision seamlessly allows the auditor to keep working, saving and recording their work locally and automatically synchronising when an on-line connection is re-established.

Full action and recommendation tracking

Once an audit is completed K10 Vision provides for the efficient and effective reporting on, and follow-up of, any and all actions and recommendations.

This includes the ability to create different types of actions and recommendations with discreet fields.  Different types can also be given different escalation protocols, access permissions for different users etc.

Comprehensive and configurable reporting

One of the main deliverables for the majority of audits is the Audit Report.  K10 Vision has its own dedicated reporting system to facilitate fully configurable reports to make the process easy and straightforward.

The dedicated reporting system uses both Microsoft Word and Excel as primary reporting outputs and can be used to report on literally any information within the system.

Time and expense reporting

To facilitate ease of management a full-time reporting system gives the audit team the ability to create and track all the traditional key performance indicators for audit work such as budget, vs actual etc.  This is also supported by an expense recording system where teams need to record and track such items as out-of-pocket expenses during the audit.

K10 Vision
K10 Vision

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